1.QUIET HOURS are 11:00 p.m. – 8:00 a.m. STRICTLY enforced. Disturbing neighbors via LOUD MUSIC or noise is NOT PERMITTED at ANY time and may result in expulsion from Quakerwoods.

2. ALL Persons and Vehicles MUST BE REGISTERED in the office. Registration tag must be hung on the rear view mirror. EXTRA CAR(S) must be parked in the registered parking areas. Please pick up your car passes in the office when you register in April.

3. MINIBIKES and ATVs are NOT PERMITTED in Quakerwoods or on Quakerwoods’ roads. MOTORCYCLES may only be used to enter or leave Quakerwoods directly to or from your site. MOTORCYCLE travel from site to site is not permitted.

4. YOUR CHILDREN AND THEIR ACTIONS are YOUR responsibility . Please do not let them wander through other campsites. Don’t leave them unattended. Vandalism and disrespect for persons or property are grounds for expulsion..

5. YOUR PETS are YOUR responsibility. You must CLEAN UP AFTER THEM,, keep them LEASHED and ensure they are well behaved at all times. Disturbing the neighbors with your pets is not permitted.

6. USAGE means your immediate family. ONLY parents, sons, and daughters over 21, and their children are allowed to use your site WHEN YOU ARE NOT PRESENT. When visiting with you here, they must register as guests.

7. VISITOR(S) means any person or persons not listed on your seasonal contract. You are responsible for registration, payment and behavior of any visitor(s) to your site. Visitors must leave by 11 pm. Overnight guests must stay ON YOUR SITE. No other camping vehicle may be placed on your site for this purpose. Unauthorized persons will be documented and removed from the campground by security or the state police if necessary.

8. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are permitted in YOUR CAMPSITE ONLY. PA State Laws apply. Security and Management reserve the right to revoke alcohol privileges.


10. SITE ENLARGEMENT is NOT PERMITTED. Any extension, removal of trees, undergrowth, addition of stones, etc. must be approved by the office. ROPES OR OTHER FENCES MUST be approved by the office and CANNOT be used to define a site.

11. Any PERMANENT FIXTURES other than trailers, chairs, grills and lights MUST BE APPROVED by the office. Storage container should be limited to 7′ long, 3′ wide and 3′ high and should be dark green, brown or a red wood color.

12.SCREEN HOUSES should be of pre-fab, portable nature. NO outside refrigerators, except the small portable type.

13.WOODPILES should not exceed ONE CORD or approximately the size of a storage bin. Cover should be brown or dark green.

14. Please help us PROTECT OUR TREES. Nail into trees for the following only: patio ights (maximum of four (4) strings), personal site marker and one flag. PATIO LIGHTS AND “BUG LIGHTS” should be turned off when leaving the campground or when retiring for the night.

15. CHAIN SAWS, LEAF BLOWERS, AND OTHER POWER TOOLS are permitted to be used from 5:00 p.m. Sunday to 5:00 p.m. Friday, unless approved by the office. When CLEARING LEAVES from your site, dispose of them beyond the camping area, not in the dumpster.

16. NON-TRANSFERABLE means that if you sell your trailer, your site is not part of the sale. If the new owner decides to stay on at Quakerwoods, they must apply to Quakerwoods Campground, sign a contract, and pay for the season. They may be asked to move to a different site. Your contract is between you and Quakerwoods Campground. If you should sell any time during the season, your money is NON-REFUNDABLE.

17. VIOLATOR(S) of the contract will be requested to move out without any refund for the rest of the season.

18. No Refund for Early Checkout or Inclement Weather.

19. No seasonal RVs or campers over 10 years old.

Please contact our staff for more information.