RULES & REGULATIONS FOR CAMPERS (Rules are always subject to change as needed)
QUIET HOURS: 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM – strict adherence is expected!

  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are permitted On camper’s campsite ONLY. PA State Laws do apply. Underage drinking is not permitted, Federal laws and penalties. Campers and their guests should consume alcoholic beverages responsibly or ejected without refund.
  • APPLIANCES/FURNITURE : NO OUTSIDE refrigerators, appliances, or household furniture is to be outside of RVs/Campers.
  • ATVS/BOATS/JETSKIS are NOT permitted on campground property.
    PERMITTED in the campground. Those in violation WILL BE EJECTED from the grounds without being refunded for stay.
  • BICYCLES : In accordance with Pennsylvania Bicycle Law, children under 12 years old must wear a helmet while operating or riding as a passenger. Bicycles must have reflectors and additionally equipped with headlights to operate at night
  • BOUNDARIES OF SITE : Limit the site to the defined area. Extension of the area, removal of trees, undergrowth, addition of stones, etc. must be approved by management.
  • CHILDREN : Parents are responsible for their children and their children’s actions. Children under 12 years old must be on the campsite in which they are registered by 11:00 PM, and they must always accompanied by an adult, 21 years of age or older. Children should not be permitted to wander through others’ sites or left unattended.
  • DUMPSTERS & TRASH BINS are available to discard daily trash only! NON-DISPOSABLE ITEMS CANNOT be thrown in the campground dumpsters. Non-disposable items consist of tires, appliances, furniture, mattresses, wood, any metal, etc. Violators will be fined $250.
  • No Dumping of Gray Water on the site or on the grounds anywhere-Disposal station or dump service allowed only!
  • No flushable wipes/non RV- toilet paper/tampons can be flushed down in any of our toilet and including your RV/Camper!
  • No Person Under the Age of 21 can reserve or occupy a camp site alone. All must have a valid picture ID & valid credit card..
  • FENCING/ ROPES must be approved by management
  • FISHING Pond is Catch and Release Only!
  • Swimming Pool is Swim At Your Own Risk! Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult, 21 years or older.
  • GOLF CARTS are ONLY ALLOWED for Monthlies and Seasonals and must be electric (only!) and can only be operated by sober, valid state-licensed drivers with proof of insurance/registration. No open alcohol allowed. Follow road sign directions, 5 MPH. Pedestrians have the right of way. Disability scooters for the disabled are allowed. Golf carts May Not be operated at night after 11PM daily, except Security or Staff!
  • LEAVES : When clearing leaves from the site, pile them to one side.
  • LIABILITY : Quakerwoods Campground WILL NOT to be held responsible for fire, theft, comprehensive or liability damage claims on any vehicles or RVs/ Campers. Vehicle owner’s own insurance is the only coverage on any vehicles or RVs/Campers.
  • NOISE & DISTURBANCES : Disturbing the neighbors via LOUD MUSIC, Noise, or any Disruptive Incidents is NOT permitted, day or night.
  • PERMANENT FIXTURES other than RVs/Campers must be approved by management.
  • PETS are the sole and full responsibility of the owners who are liable for CLEANING UP AFTER THEM, keeping them LEASHED and well behaved within the grounds. PA Leash Law in affect! Disturbing the neighbors with the pets is not permitted. Pets must have current vaccinations and registration.
  • POWER TOOLS : chainsaws, leaf blowers and other power tools may NOT BE used unless staff.
  • PROTECT OUR CREEKS : No Dumping of Any Liquids/Chemicals/Misc. Items/Trash in the Water, No Fishing.
  • RVS/ CAMPERS (seasonal and monthly) may NOT exceed 10 yrs.of age with valid registration and insurance.
  • SCREEN HOUSES should be of pre-fabricated, portable nature.
  • SPEED LIMIT in the campground is 5 MPH strictly enforced! Violators will be ejected! Pedestrians have the right of way.
  • STORAGE containers should be limited to 7’ long, 3’ wide and 3’ high and should be dark green, brown or a wood color.
  • TARPS and CANOPIES: should be Green, Brown, or Camo color. NO Blue or White! No Car ports!
  • TREES: Please help us to PROTECT OUR TREES. Do not Bore/Nail into the trees for any reason. The following only: patio lights (LED-maximum of four (4) strings), personal site markers and one (1) flag. Removal or trees is prohibited without the consent of management.
  • USAGE OF SITE : will allow Immediate family (mother or father, sons or daughters over 21 and their children) to use the site when
    camper(s) is not using it. If they are visiting while camper(s) is here, they must register as a visitor.
  • VEHICLES : Vehicles MUST be registered in the office and registration tags must be hung on the rear view mirror. EXTRA VEHICLE(S) must be parked in the designated parking areas. Motorcycles/minibikes are NOT permitted on campground roads except to enter/leave the campground directly to/from the site.
  • Most Sites are Back -Ins! Tongue Must Face the Road.
  • VIOLATION(S) : disrespect of persons or property, disturbances, garbage dumping, illicit drug use, possession of banned items, vandalism or violence will not be tolerated and are grounds for issuance of fines and/or expulsion from campground without refund.
  • VIOLATOR(S) of the contract, rules or failure to pay monies owed will be requested to leave the property without refund of their stay. Quakerwoods Campground has the right to remove any personal property left on the grounds, to include RV, trailers, vehicles, persons.
  • VISITOR(S) is defined as any person who is not registered on camper’s season contract. Camper(s) are responsible for the registration, payment and behavior of any visitor(s) to the site. Day Visitors leave by 11:00 PM. Overnight visitor(s) must stay on camper’s site. No other camping vehicles may be placed on camper’s site for this purpose. Unauthorized people (for any reason) will be documented and removed from the campground by security or the State Police if necessary.
  • WOODPILES should not exceed two (2) stacks, or the size of a storage bin. NO PALLETS! Pre-cut, treated, and covered.